Low Fog – Just like you need it

the NEW Carpet Crawler

by Smoke Factory

Professional CO2 Cooler forlow fog effekt.


Touch Display
Update Software

All entries are made at the new robust touch display. Get to your desired option quick and intuitively, without hours of scrolling.

Thanks to our Update Software you can keep your machines always up to date.


Found the perfect setting for your show? Save it as your personal profile and load it at any time. Either with the touch display or launch it with a analog remote.

Another Universe

Next to our standard control option like DMX512 or cable- and radio remote, we offer you a ethernet inbox for ArtNet and sACN.

  • 0-10V Analog In
  • DMX512 IN | Out
  • ArtNet
  • sACN
  • Stand-alone

Individual and intuitive

Create ground fog with unprecedented flexibility . With just one push of a button allows the ground fog of filigree on the ground to knee deep change. In order to influence this, there are three different settings.


The CO2 consumption of our Carpet Crawlers can be easily adjusted on the device or via DMX.

  • Stufe 1 = 1 Kg/Minute
  • Stufe 2 = 2 Kg/Minute
  • Stufe 3 = 3 Kg/Minute


The fog should continue to rise ? Mix with only one push of a button more air into the fog. Individually adjustable in 100 steps.


Of course, the amount of fog generated, plays an important role, how the low fog should behave. This can be adjusted as usual by our devices in 1% steps.

Touring or fixed installation

No matter if you are taking the Carpet Crawler on a world tour or use it as a fixed installation on a musical stage. We offer you complete flexibility


Fixed installations

You already have a fog machine and want to use the Carpet Crawler on a stage as fixed installtion? Then we recommend the basic package.

Delivery contains

  • CO2 Cooler
  • 5m CO2 Pressure hose
  • 10m 200mm Ducting
  • PowerCon True 1 cable

Ready for touring

In order to take advantage of the Carpet Crawler on tour, we recommend the matching case. If you already have a Smoke Factory Data II or Captain D., you can install these easily. In our case there is an extra compartment for cans and the CO2 pressure hose. The rear lid Case also accommodate the 10m long fog ducting.

Delivery content

  • CO2 Cooler
  • Touring Case
  • 5m CO2 Pressure hose
  • 10m 200mm Ducting
  • PowerCon True 1 cable



The all-in package

The comprehensive package. Here you will also receive a Data II Fog Machine with 2600 watts of power. All assembled and ready for use. You only need a bottle with CO2.

Delivery content

  • CO2 Cooler
  • Data II fogmachine
  • Touring Case
  • 5m CO2 Pressure hose
  • 10m 200mm Ducting
  • PowerCon True 1 cable

Special fluid for the best results

For a perfect low lying fog effect, you’ll need a fluid that dissipates the fog before it gets too hot and rises. At the same time, however, it must be tight, as are only long-lasting fog fluids. With the Crawling Fog, specially developed for ground fog effects, you can achieve exactly this result.

Cloudy and thick low lying fog
Disappears before it rises

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Technical Infos

For more detailed technical infos, please download the technical data sheet.