Trust us. We are experts. - Innovation - Experience - Expertice ... that is us!!
  • The Philosphy
    Concentrating on our strength: vaporizing fog generators for all applications. User-friendly. Safe. Robust. Professional equipment, designed and made in Germany with an excellent reputation for reliability.
  • The Innovations
    - 0-10 Volt control - DMX control - transportability - flightcase - electronic temperature control - minimal noise development - several nozzles - XLR connectors - independent energy supply - water-based haze and much more. All these innovations are synonymous with the name SMOKE FACTORY. Many of them were copied by others and so have become standards.
  • The Product Range
    Far-reaching and carefully elaborated. From the small battery operated "Scotty" to the "Fan Fogger" with integrated wind machine. From the whisper silent "Tour Hazer II" to the powerful "Data II". And from user-friendly "Captain D." to the tour professionel "Enterprise TC 4".
  • The History
    With a background of 20 years experience in the area of stage, film, TV and special effects, Florian von Hofen founds the SMOKE FACTORY in 1990 mainly driven from dissatisfaction about the poor quality and performance of most existing fog machines at that time. Specifications for a unit which can be transported and taken on tour, can easily be controlled and operated have been collected during the years before, and together with R+D-specialist Jörg Pöhler the first SMOKE FACORY-product, the ENTERPRISE TC 2, is being developed. During Musikmesse/ProlightSound 1990 the ENTERPRISE TC 2 (TC 2 stands for TeleCommand, because the machine introduced a wireless remote control as well) is presented to the public for the first time and immediately becomes state-of-the-art for the rental industry. During the following years a distribution network is being built up and, in parallel, new machines are being developed continously often following wishes or suggestions from SMOKE FACTORY's clients: The battery-operated SCOTTY, the fog-/windmachine-combination FAN FOGGER, the famous MR. MISTER and the first oil-free Hazer, the TOUR-HAZER as today's worldwirde standard Hazer on all kinds of concerts and events.
  • Service and After Sales
    SMOKE FACTORY-products are designed for life. Many of our clients have successfuly been runnng their machines on 200 or more rental jobs a year since 1990 or 1991. SMOKE FACTORY fog-generators can be repaired, if it should ever be neccessary. We keep a stock of spare parts and have a dedicated service team. Our attitude maybe conservative, but we love to manufacture reliable sloggers. A taxi driver will buy a particular car (i.e. a Mercedes Diesel) because he wants to make money and a lot of kilometers for many, many years. That has always been our shining example: We want you to be able to rely on our machines and to make money with them for a long time. And, according to the taxi driver, we recommend a service inspection from time to time. Your equipment will pay back with an even longer lifetime.

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