Scotty II

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Details "Beam me up Scotty". The evolution of the legendary “green” SCOTTY I. Haze w/o pre-heating and off the line. Compact-sized fog machine, extremely handy, enables one-handed control Output-adjustment 400W, battery/accumulator 12V/12Ah Necessary pre-heating time: 1 second! Fogtime when fully charged: 10 minutes continuous fog or 150 haze-blows à 5 seconds. To commence this process push button, analog signal, radio (optional) or DMX (also optional). - Off the line - No pre-heating, ready in 1 Second - Extremely handy - One-handed control - Adjustable output - Battery/accumulator 12V/12Ah - Fog time when fully charged: 10 minutes permanent fog or 150 bursts à 5 seconds - Analaog Input for cable or radio remote - with the optional DMX it! also via DMX controable

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